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Welcome to Lyn and I

Hi and welcome I’m Liv!

Lyn and I is a project I’ve just begun with the wonderful support of my family and friends. I was at a crossroads this year after finishing a science degree, but wondering if a life of test tubes and graphs was the path I wanted in life.

So instead, I took a chance and fell in love with design and art all over again. I began drawing more and more regularly and just couldn’t seem to stop. Lyn and I blossomed from my love of design and wanting to honour my late mother Lynette’s memory. Hers was a soul that loved art, crafts and fashion: all traits that connect me to her. I began to think of ways to honour all my passions, in particular women’s health and well-being. So for each month of the year I will pick a charity to contribute 5% of my profits to. I’ll be choosing these charities based on the work they do to provide support, services and research into women’s health.

I’d like to send out a big thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me to get this far. Your support for my business and the charities I contribute to make all this possible. Thanks for stopping by! Liv x