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All wrapped up in Ballarat

All wrapped up in Ballarat
One common theme you can see through my drawings is my love of pink, it's my favourite colour of course. However, I'm a hardcore fan of black clothing and comfy jeans. Throw in some sleek flats and a bag to fit my entire world in it and I am happy. I'm all about clothing staples, items that are quality and can withstand more than one season. The one season we seem to have here the longest is winter so I am always looking for knits and waiting until wearing blankets as clothes becomes acceptable.
I opt for colourful scarfs and keep my winter clothing as simple ie. versatile as possible to take it from around the home to acceptable in society. You can shop my favourite clothing and bag look below. If you're looking for my Ballarat phone case that can be found via my shop, all my cases are designed and printed by me here in Ballarat, Vic.

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