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DIY Copper Look Frame

DIY Copper Look Frame

As some of you may know my home office is slowly coming together, the furniture is here, my desk is setup but I have no artwork on the walls to finish it off. I know being an artist that my illustrations probably should have been the first things on the wall but it’s hard to beat my innate ability to procrastinate. I wanted to find frames that would comfortably fit A3 prints and have enough matting or space to compliment the design that didn’t cost a fortune. I decided to hunt for copper/gold frames that fit what I wanted, I would find out that this was not an easy task.

I tried three large chain shops and no luck, I felt like this was a mission that I was too far into now. Eventually after finding out from 3 other stores in town that did not stock A3 frames I decided to go home, to Kmart that is, because its basically a second home now.

Luckily Kmart doesn’t have a limit on the amount of times you can visit each week otherwise I would probably be on a list somewhere. As my luck would have it and because Kmart knows how to cater to me I found a clear frame for A3 prints for only $12! I also grabbed a set of metallic paints for $5 and paint brushes in the hopes I could paint the frame to be a complimentary copper similar to my new bookshelf. I threw down my FlyBuys like a high roller and strutted past the bag checker with a nod (only after they checked each persons bag, making me wish for the old layout every time). Follow the steps below for my how to, I’d love to hear about and see if you create your own.


You will need the following:

  1. A3 clear frame from Kmart $12 (apparently you cannot buy them online)
  2. Metallic paint set of 4 from Kmart $5 (can be purchased here)
  3. Paint brush set from Kmart
  4. Newspaper
  5. Plastic cup or mug with water
  6. Paper towel

DIY metallic frame

Set out your DIY space and line with newspaper to ensure any splashes won’t stain. Start by taking the double glass sheets out of the frame and putting them safely away from the painting area. I use the copper metallic paint in the pack but depending on your own preference you could use any of the other colours. I didn’t sand back the frame edges as I like the wood grain texture of the black paint and the specs of colour that came through at the end.

Metallic frame without glass


Do a top layer of all of the edges including the sides and small inner edge of the frame. As its the first layer I didn’t do perfectly straight strokes but this all depends on the type of texture you want.

Metallic frame without glass

Inner frame

I waited about 15 minutes after doing the first coat before checking on the drying edges. As they were dry to touch I went on to do another layer, this time ensuring my brush strokes were straight and going over any spots to completely cover the whole frame.


Metallic frameLove frame

I finished my frame off with 2 layers, you could definitely do another layer but 2 layers for me looked very similar to my cooper bookshelf so I was happy. I left mine to dry overnight to ensure I wouldn’t get paint on the glass or artwork.

I picked my Black and White Chic illustration to go in the frame, which can be found here. Now I’m off to Kmart again for more frames and to see my family haha.


Metallic frame on desk

DIY metallic frame hung



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  1. Oh …. it looks awesome Liv!! I’m so doing this!!

    Bianca Flint
    Mar 16, 2017 Reply

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