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Native table styling

With my wedding coming up I've been experimenting with different types of floral arrangements to find just the right look for our day. Growing up in the country with a farm I have always been a fan of Australian natives. I love the deep sea greens, the bright colours and the stunning shapes of the flora. Also I love an excuse to buy more flowers and of course decorate the house. 

I usually pop down to the local flower market once a month or so to get some colour for the house, it's my retail therapy that makes me smile whenever I see colour and life in the house. I then compensate for my lack of any kind of green thumb by keeping fake flowers in the main spots around the house that guests will see; bathroom, lounge and kitchen. 

I wanted to incorporate flowers that would be in season for the wedding date but also compliment our theme which is a mixture of navy, gold and of course my favourite colour pink. I found these native gum trees just the right shades for the table and that would work nicely with the on sale ($2 for a pack of 3) tea light holders from Kmart.

Let me tell you, Kmart has been a godsend for wedding shopping, it ticks all the boxes I am looking for in a shop. Up to date trends, low prices, convenient location and late night shopping (because bedtime is only a construct). I've been a frequent visitor of Kmart for quiet some time, sure like all multi-corporate chains it can have it's downside, like the weird checkout layout in the middle of the store but I can overlook this with pretty gold place mats for only $1.50 each! 

With bunches of native gum, gold tea lights and place mats in hand I got to work on our dining room table makeover. The colour of the table cloth here wont be the one we use on the wedding day but it works with the look I am going for in my modern trying to be Hamptons house. The gum came in large branches but was easily broken down to fit nicely and at a good height along the centre of the table. I coupled my white dinner plates with cutlery wrapped in an Aussie classic, the brown paper bag. Depending on how long your table is and how much gum tree you want (I had more than enough with one bunch) you could get this look for well under $50. 

Once you have your table done all is left is to light the tea lights, chill some wine and enjoy the ambience of the natives our beautiful country has to offer. 

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