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Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

With my wedding less than 3 weeks away I've been wondering what I am going to do with I assume will be a lot more extra time. I've spent the last year and a bit wrapped up in all the wedding possibilities and wondering just how many Pinterest boards a girl can create. If you've been following my drawings over the last year you can clearly map out my peak interests in my wedding planning, procrastination was definitely a state of mind for a while. Thankfully I've pushed ahead and with the clock counting down til I become Mrs L I wanted to share some of my favourite bridal inspired illustrations.

I've drawn my favourite elements from my illustrations that I've use to create my own dress. That's right I am officially a little crazy and have made my own wedding dress, as a previous fashion design student you can rest assured it was made with care and hopefully straight stitching! Surprisingly I haven't actually drawn what my dress will look like so that's still a surprise for Mr L and my wedding party. Hopefully my drawings will inspire you on your wedding journey or at least sweep you up in the notion of wedding bliss.

For those of you counting my wedding is on the 19th of August, I can almost hear the swish of lace as I am off to be married. Here's some of my favourite outfit picks for a stroll down the aisle.

The Dress

Sign off Lyn and I

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